The Lives We Impact

It is important to us as a charity to make a difference to the lives of those who come into contact with the trust.  The Sturridge Foundation believes it is important to give greater life chances to underprivileged children and families in England and Jamaica.

The website has been updated to allow schools to apply for a grant from the foundation.

Soon you will be able to donate directly to the charity from our website. 

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The Foundation

Our Aims

The Sturridge Foundations aims and objectives are to give something back to our heritage.
Every child matters and our mission is to offer a network of support through education, sport and recreation to give every child and or young people that comes into contact with the charity a greater life chance as to achieve their true potential.

It is with heart felt gratitude that we the principal, teachers, parents, and students of the school express our thank you to the foundation for its contribution to the school. Internal doors were replaced and a urinal set up was installed.

Baptist Bay Basic School

Old Harbour Bay

The staff students and management  expresses their gratitude for your visit and using our school for the family fun day.  Your presence had an indelible impact on the school, family and citizens of the community.  This event will always be in our hearts'.

We built a perimeter wall around the school grounds from your financial support.

Waterford Development Faith Basic School

The Sturridge foundation was founded in February 2014 by Daniel Sturridge and his family. 

Our goals are simple; to provide youngsters with the opportunity to develop and to have fun doing so. We also look to support local communities and projects that will benefit from our financial assistance by criteria.



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